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Butetown Community Centre lead the way in Wales for support and advice to be available for those affected by the Windrush Scandal.   The support initiative began with a number of community based organisations and individuals who were determined to ensure that our beloved Windrush generations k new help was at hand.

Information card with advice on how and where to get help were designed and shared widely across the nation and very quickly people began to reach out for help.


We were invited to speak about the injustice faced by the Windrush Generation and we took every opportunity to raise awareness of the true contributions made to the UK by our amazing Windrush Elders.

We set the record straight.

The Windrush Elders were INVITED to the UK to help rebuild a battle warn and battle weary country after the devastating effects of World War 2.    

Support for the Windrush Generation in Wales came from far and wide and we were delighted that Cardiff Councillor  Cllr Saeed Ebrahim representing Butetown tabled a motion before full Council pledging support for those caught up in the Windrush Scandal.

Cllrs Ebrahims motion received cross party support and we were delighted to have been invited to observe this momentous accession.

We were delighted when our MP Stephen Doughty and Diane Abbott MP came to Butetown Community Centre and pledged their support for the Windrush Generation.   

To a packed audience they shared the efforts being made to ensure that Justice must be delievered the Windrush Generation and we were commended on the work that we were doing to raise awareness of the Windrush Generation.

After the eyes of the world were firmly focused on the UK Government watching closely how the stories of hardship and illegal removals from the UK were being told, the British Government assembled a dedicated task force to quickly process applications from people who had been without formal documentation for many year

The task force consulted widely to capture the views of those who would be eligible to make claims for Compensation for detriment suffered by them through no fault of their own.

The Consultation documents can be found here:    

We were invited to speak at many events around Wales by organisations and community groups who were keen to stand strong with the Windrush Generation and we supported other organisations to tell their stories of the contributions to the UK made by people who had been treated so badly over a long period of time

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