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We always recognized the hardships faced by the Windrush Generation and we helped and supported whenever we were able to.

We made a conscious decision to focus on the positive contributions made to the UK by many people from the Commonwealth who despite facing many hurdles, obstacles and blatant racism, they achieved and excelled in many areas of British life.

Here is how we celebrated our amazing Windush Generation

We were delighted when our wonderful Christine Summersall crafted a model of HMS Empire Windrush of out of recycled materials and this now much loved symbol of pride is always front and centre of all we do in recognition of the Windrush Generation

We marked the 22nd June which is the arrival date of HMC Empire Windrush with celebrations that included speeches, dedications, story telling, drama and of course culturally appropriate food and music.

We were visited by artists from the Commonwealth who joined us in celebrating our Windrush Generations and they paid tribute and homage to for sacrifices of these unsung heroes and heroine’s   

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